An international digital installation


DAUGHTERS OF IGBO WOMAN  is proposed as an international digital installation comprising a trilogy of digital films made in (UK, Nigeria & Nevis respectively). DAUGHTERS OF IGBO WOMAN rejoins & gives voice to three separated & rendered invisible 18th century African women from one family.  It brings to public attention a little known 18th century African woman Frances (Fumnanya) Coker 1767-1820 & her mother Adaeze & grandmother Ojiugo, stories resurrected from Pinney archives.

Nigerian Writer Akachi Adimora Ezeigbo creates the grandmother’s voice, African British writer Ros Martin creates the daughter’s voice, St Kitts & Nevis writer & film maker, Vida Rawlins creates the mother’s voice. 

DAUGHTERS OF IGBO WOMAN: a trilogy of digital films, raised as a memorial tribute to African ancestors, created & shot in landscapes of Eastern Nigeria, Nevis & Bristol Uk. Bringing archives to life, the separated, 18th century worlds of Igbo woman, Black Polly & Fanny Coker are brought into present day. Thus FANNY COKER 1767-1820, maidservant of the Georgian House Bristol & her matriarchal lineage in voice & presence are rendered visible by 3 African women writers, in Eastern Nigeria, St Kitts & Nevis & Bristol UK, respectively.